Here are a few tips to help you reach your fundraising goal!


CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE.  Join an existing fundraising team or create your own fundraiser page using our RaceEntry platform. Get personal with your story. Explain why you’re fundraising. Add pictures and videos. The more well-rounded your page, the better it will perform!


MAKE THE FIRST DONATION.  This initial donation sets the tone for your fundraiser. Your supporters will appreciate your initiative.

“WHO DO YOU RIDE FOR?” Use your fundraising and social media pages to let people know who you are riding for. If you don’t have a personal tie to the NAC, share some of the stories from our adaptive cycling program below.

we ride for cj

We ride for CJ

Read/Share CJ’s Story

we ride for michael

We ride for Michael

Read/Share Michael’s Story

we ride for santi

We ride for Santi

Read/Share Santi’s Story

GET ORGANIZED! Make a list of all social groups you’re a part of, both online and off: church groups, co-workers, family members, classmates etc.. Then, ask for their support. Your best supporters can come from unexpected places!

AIM EVEN HIGHER. We encourage everyone to set a fundraising goal of $250, but why not aim higher? Supporters like to be a part of something significant. Sending out an email when you hit 50% of your goal is super motivating and allows everyone to see how their donations are impacting your cause.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! Ask, ask, and ask some more. Reach out to your whole network. Tell them about the National Ability Center, the Summit Challenge, and what motivates you to ride.

BRING IT TO THE OFFICE. Ask your workplace for donations. Your company might be happy to donate to your Summit Challenge fundraising goal. See if your company has a matching gift program. Send out an e-mail to the entire company with a link to your fundraising page.

NEED HELP REACHING OUT? Use social networks like Facebook and Instagram to ask your friends and family for support. Social media savvy? Spread the word with #RideSummit #IRideFor or #AdaptiveNation. Let them know what riding the Summit Challenge means to you and keep your supporters posted on your fundraising and training goals. Prefer email? Send out an email request using our existing template.  If you have a tie to the NAC, share your own story.


GET CREATIVE. Go beyond just asking for donations; make it fun! Have a cook-off or a yard sale, arrange a cornhole tournament or host your very own backyard campaign fundraiser. You can even organize a sports game and set a theme. People are more likely to remember a baseball game if the teams are dressed in cycling jerseys and helmets rather than regular uniforms.

REWARDS. Give your donors an unconventional reward for their donation. Take a photo on the ride holding a sign with the top donor’s photo or commit to riding in an outfit of their choice.

THANK YOUR DONORS. Let your supporters know how much you appreciate their donation to both you and the National Ability Center. Tell them what you enjoyed about the ride or share a story of your experience.