Buddy Morgan


Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Buddy Morgan realized this when he had an auto accident that left him with a C6/C7 injury.  At first he was only mobile in a power chair, had no use of his legs and little use of his hands. Thankfully, after 8 weeks of rehab and dedication, he began to wiggle his feet and eventually moved to the parallel bars to continue treatment. He is now able to walk with full use of his hands.


But getting to this point wasn’t an easy task and he knew he needed something to keep him motivated and active. He admits to starting riding a bike to impress a girl but quickly found a love for riding. Buddy purchased a new bike last year that came with a magazine advertising the Summit Challenge and was excited to get involved. Since then, he has become a regular participant at the National Ability Center and is planning on riding for his second year in the Summit Challenge.

Buddy Guitar

Buddy has also gone on to re-join his band as the singer and guitar player, as well as earn his Associate Degree in Graphic Design. He currently works in the marketing department for a local home warranty company. He attributes his recovery to the amazing people who helped him through the process, his strong will and the ability for him to be outside and engaged in the community.


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