Fundraiser Hall of Fame

Fundraising and donations give those with a disability a chance to ride in the Summit Challenge with no charge. Your donations also provide the necessary funding for year-round programs for veterans, children and athletes of all abilities and their family members. Be the next one added to the fundraising hall of fame! Set up your page today!

Thank you to our top fundraisers!

2015 Top Fundraising team

  1. Jared’s Journey
  2. National Ability Center
  3. Gladius
  4. HCVT CPAs
  5. Stacey Reardon’s Summit Challenge
  6. Team Paula
  7. EY Riders
  8. Vultaggio/Rinehart
  9. Tina’s Ten Dollar Challenge
  10. NAC LOTAJA Team

2015 Top Fundraising Individuals

  1. Steve Ward
  2. Pav Sethi
  3. Blake Christian
  4. Stacey Reardon
  5. Paula Prentiss
  6. Scott Vultaggio
  7. Dan Carlson
  8. Tina Logan
  9. Thomas Coffey
  10. Charles Heath

Top fundraisers for the Summit Challenge 2014

Pavandeep Sethi
Steve Ward
Laurie Zeller
Scooter Forbes
James Diefenderfer
Chuck Heath
Kim Nagle
Kate Sullivan
Doug Engfer

Top fundraisers for the Summit Challenge 2013

Pavandeep Sethi – Total amount raised- $15,628.53
TeamTJ Max – Total amount raised- $9,157
Laurie Zeller – Total amount raised- $9,100
Steve Ward – Total amount raised-$6,450
Stephen Quinn – Total amount raised-$5,100
James Diefenderfer – Total amount raised-$3,035
Stan Stensrud – Total amount raised-$2,175
Tina Willmore – Total amount raised-$1,575
Doug Engfer – Total amount raised-$1,542
Stacey Reardon – Total amount raised-$1,485

Top fundraisers for the Summit Challenge 2012

Pavandeep Sethi – Total amount raised-$10,453
Team TJ Maxx – Total amount raised-$9,975
Steve Ward – Total amount raised-$4,175
Allie Schneider – Total amount raised-$2,840
Anna Lillquist – Total amount raised-$2,195
David Spinowitz – Total amount raised-$1,730